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3/09/2017: Popcorns added : New versions added: Joe Loss, The Misters, Orchester Pete Danby, Unknown (Wersi organ demo), Der Naher Kinderchor, Brian Hazelby, Syntrance, Tubular Ben, Daughters & Sons Featuring Junior Jordi, Los Straitjackets, Sumire Uesaka, Yo La Tengo, Chikara Ueda & The Caravan and El Organo Romantico de Goyito.


27/04/2017: Popcorns added : 800 documented versions: Roberto Sasian Y Su Organa, Hillberg & D-Tex and the first one from 2017: Takin.


22/04/2017: Popcorns added : Lots of new versions: Daisy Door, El Órgano Romantico de Goyito, Hector Manito Bonilla, Jugend Bigband am Alten Gymnasium Flensburg, Script, The Love Symphony Orchestra, Merry Melodies, King of Agogik, La Strana Societa (2012), MSMD, Salted Butter, Bartender, Tamagotchi, The Top Club Band, The Cover Bullets, Blip Shifter, DJ Teuf and Jochen Brauer Sextett.


08/08/2016: Popcorns added : New versions from: Mariachi de la Sierra, Mr. Pink, DJ Trendsetter, Fernando D.C. and Mister Loco.


22/11/2015: Popcorns added : New versions from: I Moogs, Margareta Paslaru, Wayout, Dan Newbie, Hypeclub and Luvienne.


10/06/2015: Popcorns added : New versions from: Die Westfälischen Nachtigallen, Military Pop Band Major Werner Gummelt, Sydney Thompson And His Orchestra, Conjunto Peña Blanca, We Made!, Joe Tiseo, Orchester der Musik-Schule-Warndt, Hector Manito Bonila, A. Decap and Jorge Fontes.


23/12/2014: Popcorns added : At the end of the year: new versions, the 2014 edition: ninoDJ, Charlie Parra del Riego, Jack Holiday & Mike Candys, 2 Crazy DeeJayS, Markus Maximus and Dean Cohen. Which makes the total of cover versions over 750!


22/12/2014: Popcorns added : New versions from Pablo Beltrán Ruiz, Los Demonios De Puebla, Spams, Volga Band, Universal Sound Machine, Dj Max Korovaev and the Russian State Symphony Cinema Orchestra, Jupiter 80, Grupo Condesa and Housemousesixx. Tomorrow the last update of the year.


21/12/2014: Popcorns added : New versions from Gershon Kingsley, Pop Corn Consumers, The Israel Air Force Band, OOPS! DJs, Запрещённые Барабанщики (Prohibited Drummers), Aufidena, The Spoon Box and Parana. Later this week more.


07/04/2014: Popcorns added : New versions from Kai Warner and a rap version of The Dead.


25/03/2014: Popcorns added : New versions from Alhambra, Ambassadeur, Jesse Rose and Haugenial.


20/12/2013: Video added : Added a video to (and corrected) the Helmut Jederknüller version


14/11/2013: Two sigthings added : New sightings from 2013 (Dutch TV, AVRO's Join the Beat) and 1983 (TV Weather Programme) are added here


08/10/2013: Popcorns added : New versions from Cheyenne Mountain High School Symphonic Band 1972, Chris Nilson und seine Rhythmusgruppe, Orchestra Electrecord, Die Schlapse, Eat Static, Stressseuche and Rowelly.


30/07/2013: Popcorns added : I've reached the 700 now! New versions from Vanessa Y Los Punto Com, Disco Fever, Tom Cutter, Estudio Miami Ritmo, Sunshine Superstars, Box Office Poison, Estudio Miami Ritmo, Raphael Roan, Sameach Music, S. Rosin and Helmut Jederknüller mit seinem Super Stereo à gogo Orchester.


01/06/2013: Popcorns added : Small update with some new versions from Bounce, Vibes & Wishdokta, Ottomix (1998) and Space Penguins.


20/05/2013: Popcorns added : 16(!) versions from 2012 added: Miguel Valbuena, Roy Luis, Butter With Honey, Nalle Lehtonen & Tulinen Trumpett, De Lancaster, Oleg Stuff, Malox and Brado Popcorn, Tanvir Kawnine, Ari Inkilainen, DJ 90210, Roxy and DeeDee, Jimmy Granlund and Krispy.


18/05/2013: Popcorns added : A longer version of Wayne Gerard Trotman, a live version of Chica Libre and new versions of Claudius Alzner, Paranetics, Pub 69, A-Team and The Brits and Pieces. I've also added some videos to the versions list and corrected some years.


06/04/2013: Popcorns added : 2013 edition with Gutter Catz and Aimoon.


22/03/2013: Popcorns added : New versions from Anan, Yvette Horner, The Ray McVay Road Show, Marimba Chiapas, Kispál és a Borz, Massiv in Mensch, Cartoon Band and and Palov & Panama Cardoon.


08/03/2013: Popcorns added : New versions from Estrellas de Plata, Alan Caddy Orchestra and Singers, Jill Smith, Freddy Carrara, Gil Ventura, Gershon Kingsley's Popcorn International, Dance Machine and Sergey Gudsey.


30/10/2012: Gershon Kingsley's site renewed : Gershon Kingsley has a new website where you can listen to the full Popcorn International as played in 1978.


15/09/2012: Popcorns added : New versions from Die Limburger, Enrique Lynch Y Su Conjunto, Dr. Moog's Party Bros, another mix by Dance Techno Fish and two versions by Juline feat. Young Boys.


17/08/2012: Popcorns added : New versions from Carlos Velasco, Michael Pan, High School Music Band, Kids Party Band, The Alan B. Campbell Orchestra, #1 Video Game Songs, Candy Classics Sing-Along, London Session Musicians, Ameritz and introducing the versions of 2012 Noisitron, Déjà Vu, Roxy and DeeDee, Huub Habets and Primus Brass.


12/06/2012: Popcorns added : New versions from Bud Shorter, Claude Ciari, K-Ottik, The Phantom Surfers, Skip, an older mix of Head Horny's and The Surf Coasters.


04/05/2012: Popcorns added : New versions from M.A.F., seven new mixes from Christian Stefanoni and versions by Oscar Valdambrini & The Poppy Pops and Gankino Circus.


16/02/2012: Popcorn in the news : Check out this newspaper article from Australia about Popcorn. Gershon Kingsley and I are interviewed. :-D


16/02/2012: new versions added : Versions from Nylon 66'ers, Cumbias Y Mas and the extended mix of Jean-Michell vs. United DJs.


17/01/2012: Video from Dutch TV : Added the excellent item on Pop Corn and Gershon Kingsley to the origins page.


29/12/2011: Popcorn on Dutch TV : A small update: Dutch TV program Top 2000 will broadcast a small item on Popcorn tomorrow evening


05/12/2011: new versions added : Yes! I made it! 600 versions by the end of the year! Versions from Franck Pourcel, Fausto Papetti, Popcorneaters, Damiron, Orchester King Royal, Toytone, Shrug and The Little Apple Band


20/11/2011: new versions added : Palomitas de Maiz edition. Versions from Los Astros, Grupo Super T, Los Daddys de Chinantla, Gustavo Bravetti, Los Enemigos, Pluma Y Su 8 Octavos, Organo Texano de Rudy Garcia y Les Impacto and Afrosound


20/10/2011: new versions added : Decibels A Go-Go, a longer version of Pop House, Banda Membrillera, Vaffamix, Moving On, Massimo Scalieri, Bobby Flexter, Maurizio Verbeni & Marco Angeli and Goodiepal


01/09/2011: new versions added : 70s, 80s and 90s edition: Armando Sciascia Orchestra, Armando Martelli, Claudius Alzner Und Seine Solisten, Ed Starink, three new M & H Band versions and The Bikini Beach Club.


22/08/2011: new versions added : Second batch of Spotify, 2011 edition: Hot Jam & Butter, Rare Bird Project, The Disco Orchestra, Ensemble Novgorod Mosaic, Revirtam, The Popettes, Ace Bond DJ, DJ Omidia, Bobby Flexter and Maurizio Verbeni & Marco Angeli.


4/08/2011: new versions added : A couple of new versions found, mainly thanks to Spotify. This is the first batch: Hot Hits, V. Mescherin's Orchestra, SoundsNet, another Eskimo remix, Igor Presnyakov, DJ Kit, The Des Bettany Trio, Adam K & Unity and Paranetics.


30/07/2011: new versions added : Jay Joyce and his orchestra, Frans Poptie, The Golden Sound of Yamaha and Dacapella.


12/05/2011: new versions added : Over 400 performers registered! John Evans, Two Milords, Trance Troopers and DJ Raff.


11/04/2011: new versions added : Eddy de Jong, Laser Sound Orchestra and 6 other Soundgrenade remixes.


27/03/2011: new versions added : A small update: Antoine (spanish version) and a different Eskimo remix.


25/03/2011: new versions added : New versions from Pacheco, Acoustic Sound System, Detlev Jocker, Marimba Chiapas, Clark & Jessen, El Recuerdo Musical, Tommy Seebach, Top Hits Group, Jean Michell vs. United DJs and Atomico.


29/01/2011: new versions added : A lot of new additions at the start of this year. The Travellers, Makina Power, The Astronauts, The Dance Mixers, Men In The Moon, four new Troubledot versions, Viento Calido, Crazy Chicken, Los Aragaon and the first of 2011 M.A.F..


17/12/2010: Reached the 500 versions! : My goal was to reach 400 versions this year, I got over 500 by the end of 2010! Casino, Hi-Teck System, The Allstars, Strings Royal, Starlight Orchestra, Mr. Pickwick, Band Of One, Mystic Fashion, Christian Stefanoni, Mr. Jay & T, Paranetics, DJ Power, Workout Club and Wayne Gerard Trotman.


7/10/2010: New versions added and site functionality added. : This week: Antoine, Italian version, Orchester Ralf Nowy, The Barry Lipman Party Band, Pedro and his Hammond organ, Balet Československé televize, BF Project, Vive La Fete, Jona Lefvert, Ori Tzadok, Jeff Tony, DJ Karp & DJ Yastreb and Los Favoritos de Ciudad Victoria. Statistics has been expanded with lyrics. Lyrics for Fausti and Shadmehr have been added too.


23/09/2010: New versions added : Last batch of new versions for this month: The Music Sweepers, Music Makers, Die Marimba Steelband Haderslev, Los Papis, The KGBs, 50 Non-Stop Hammond Hits, Plemo and Frederik.


21/09/2010: New versions added : Added two new versions for LPG, Las Trillizas de Oro, Dan Lacksman, ORF Big Band, Les Humphries Singers, Gunter Noris, Spacelab, W.R.S. Connection, Synthetic Engeneering and Wayout.


14/09/2010: Blog added : The website is getting modernized with a blog. Read about it here and leave a comment!


08/09/2010: New versions added : Added versions for Orquesta Cubana de Musica Moderna, Synthesizer Sound Machine, Viva la Musica, D-Night, DJ SD, The Kernels, Nick Etheridge, Frank Ester and Dexter and Maniac.


03/09/2010: Popcorn Reheated CD added : 15 versions on one CD (incl