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Here you can find information about a little song called "popcorn", written by Gershon Kingsley and made famous by Hot Butter in 1972. Since then, the song has been covered by a lot of bands and acts. You can find these in an extensive list here.

Latest Updates:

10/06/2015: Popcorns added : New versions from: Die Westfälischen Nachtigallen, Military Pop Band Major Werner Gummelt, Sydney Thompson And His Orchestra, Conjunto Peña Blanca, We Made!, Joe Tiseo, Orchester der Musik-Schule-Warndt, Hector Manito Bonila, A. Decap and Jorge Fontes.

23/12/2014: Popcorns added : At the end of the year: new versions, the 2014 edition: ninoDJ, Charlie Parra del Riego, Jack Holiday & Mike Candys, 2 Crazy DeeJayS, Markus Maximus and Dean Cohen. Which makes the total of cover versions over 750!

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