Popcorn Sightings

Young Sheldon Season 4 episode 3, "Training Wheels and an Unleashed Chicken". Played when Sheldon walks from start to finish to measure how fast he can go without sweating.

Rick & Morty In the episode "Interdimensional Cable 2: Tempting Fate" a comedian sings "I'm a Tax Attorney" at the music of Hot Butter's Popcorn

Join the beat Radio and TV presenter Gerard Ekdom sings Popcorn.
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Tatatataal Audience sings Popcorn in this program broadcast on Dutch TV.
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Top 2000 a gogo Item on the song Popcorn.
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Die ultimative Chart Show Countdown for Electronic Music. Popcorn ended on number 12.

Ikea Commercial on Swedish TV.
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Cioccolato Novi - Novipiu Commercial on Italian TV.
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The Phone House Commercial on Dutch TV.
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Vodafone Commercial on Portugese TV.
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Kulula.com airlines Kulula.com airline credit card. Uses popcorn as background music.
Pom'potes from Materne (Commercial) A liquid apple compote. Played in France, has Popcorn as background music.
Special. (movie) Popcorn as background music in the trailer. View the trailer | IMDB info

Vodaphone sponsorship adverts for X-factor (ITV - UK) Popcorn as background music.
Renault Clio commercial (Spain) Popcorn as background music. Version unknown (yet). Video
Vrij Nederland (October 15) (Dutch) 3 page article on the song Popcorn. Here a translation.

Moog - A documentary on Robert Moog Interview with Kingsley and short snippet of Popcorn. IMDB info
The Horn Guy Some crazy guy plays with a suit of horns.
Here you can watch the video.

Pampers Commercial (USA) Popcorn as background music

Drowning Mona Used in soundtrack. IMDB info
The Drew Carey Show - Season 6, episode 135, aired nov. 29 Mr. Wick plays it on harp (listen)

Dick Used as soundtrack. IMDB info
Detroit Rock City Used as soundtrack. IMDB info
Dance Dance Revolution 3rd Mix Vibes & Wishdokta version used as a song, which they renamed to "Vol. 4" for this game.

Moog Cookbook - Ye Olde Space Bande Track 9 on the album - Hotel California - quotes the Popcorn melody at the end of the song.

Loladamusica - easy tune (18 march 1996) Dutch TV documentary on the musical genre Easy Tune. Popcorn is an item in this documentary and the Treble Spankers play the song.

Leaper (Computer game) Used as soundtrack

Color Creations by The Color Bunch Used as soundtrack (uncredited). IMDB info
911 Tiger Shark (C64 computer game) Used as background music info on the game

Digger (computer game) Used as soundtrack. info on the game
Weather program Used as background music. watch it here

Pengo (Sega arcade game) Used as background music. watch a video of a playthrough

Ma Première brasse Used in soundtrack. IMDB info

Simago Supermarkets (Spain) Used as tune in the TV commercials. It had the following lyrics: "Palomitas de maiz, Palomitas de maiz en Simago por un duro te dan un bolson asi"

Shriek of the Mutilated Used in soundtrack. IMDB info

The Reading Lesson Used in soundtrack of this short 10 minute movie by Johan van der Keuken.

approx. 500-1500
Popcorn has been sighted in the medieval times... Here you can find a video on youtube