A Musical Prime Number

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Kingsley made 'Popcorn' without Perrey. But Perrey's spirit is there. Half of the song consists of funny noises and the other half is melody. Gershon Kingsley put the song on the album Music To Moog By, but he didn't notice there was something special with the song. Stan Free was the one who realised the song had something unique. Free was a musician who performed in the First Moog Quartet, led by Kingsley. A quartet that wanted to introduce the Moog as a classical instrument. Stan Free noticed that the audience responded to the song 'Popcorn' and released it as a pop single under the name 'Hot Butter'. The little tune then spread over mankind as a virus.

Kingsley had sold the rights of the song before it became a hit, and he wanted to make some money, if only to send his daughter to a nice university. He made some 'Popcorn'-ish songs as 'Crackerjacks', 'Sauerkraut' and 'Cold Duck', but a 'Popcorn' was not amongst them. A number is a prime number or it isn't.

Indirectly, his daughter could enjoy a nice university with the rights of the song. And maybe Kingsley selling the rights is even some form of justice. You can say that the Moog with its funny noises made the song just as well as Kingsley did.

In that light, you can understand the title of Gershon Kingsley's new album: God Is A Moog.

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